Before you were mine I was yours already
If you love me when I’m at my worst, then I will always give you my best. - TKH (via thekhoolhaus)

(via crazysexykhool)



—― Tiffanie DeBartolo


You taught me everything

I shouldn’t be

Verbalise your thoughts so you may light my spirit that’s never been on fire
My transgressions have taught me how to be a lion around a pack of wolf’s

Via | Tabooz
Thymós :Part 5

I want to feel your pain
I want to know what keeps you up at night


I want to know what has harmed you
So I can bleed too
So I can endure your sorrow
I love your perfections
But I want to manifest in your transgressions
So I too know your struggles

So you don’t have to think you are not going through this alone


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